Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Summertime Inspiration!

It's finally officially summer here in Phoenix. After a very mild, barely hot few months we are now back on schedule with our 100+ weather. Ugh.

We always have some sort of water play, either a little pool, the water table or the mister that you see my son, Jadyn, playing with here!
I think we might try to do some homemade playdough, I really like these recipes..

I also save all kinds of containers and stash them in a box in the closet instead of throwing them away. Then I pull it out, some glue, a little paint and let the kids create whatever they are inspired to make. Last time, Javon (the little boy I watch) made a spyglass and had a great time running around playing pirate. ARgh! I always feel great about these projects. They keep waste out of the landfill and let the kids explore their own creativity.

We also buy puzzles, books and little toys that end up on clearance for those "extra hot days" which might be equal to your "rainy days". When the kids are being good I let them pick one out!

Where I'm lucky enough to have a one year old who is amused by an empty soda bottle, many of you have kids you must endlessly entertain. So I thought I'd offer up some other suggestions...

For the little ones, here's so "signing" projects you can do together! Hand print crafts are so cute!

DTK has always been a GREAT resource for me for coloring pages and worksheets for the five year old I watch. Here's their listing for summer activites..
Did you see the ADORABLE elmo tp roll pattern? Save the day and the environment!!

Got kids a little harder to entertain? Go over to Joe's toy a day and make a paper masterpiece.

You can make this features all kinds of sewing projects for different ages and projects.

And of course, who can forget the ultra hip (Yes, I said it- HIP!) Threadbanger for those teens and twenty somethings, or hey, for yourself!

Specifically for us moms, head over to the "sassy" brassy apple blog!

For you extra crafty mommas needing a new decor item, pop over to pickles and make this GOREGOUS diy lampshade! http://www.pickles.no/whirl-it-lampshade/2009/6/28/whirl-it-lampshade.html

Happy Crafting and Wishes for mild Summers!

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