Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Freebies (yay!) and giveaways!

There is just something about getting something with little or no effort or expense that is just so satisfying. I always pat myself on the back for some good karma I must have had stored up! Well karma does best in movement, so here you are my lovely's...

Jamie Sue, How cute is that name? A fellow crafter, and mother to a boy with autism, has a wonderful little site that screams freebies. Ok, it doesn't scream but it says, literally, free! Also she has some GREAT resources for homeschooling or schooling for children with disabilities.
Enjoy with her blessings!

Also I found this on her website, has LOTS of cool ideas to do with kids!

**From the Swap-bot blog I came across Jinjerup. Lynn is super talented and so whimsical and fun! She has some adorable printables for free and offers a new one each week! Talk about dedication! Hope you have as much as I did!

**The very lovely Ruthie from Menu in a box has offered her e-book as a giveaway. All her stuff is super stylish and so easy to understand, its definitely a cooking must have! To win send over a friend to join my blog and have them Comment below!

**Also, I have a few Playdate cards from Tiny Prints to gift out! They are super cute, please comment and mention if you'd like girl or boy or more neutral cards(the kites)!
Comment here and I'll get in touch with you!

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  1. Hey, love what you are doing. You are inspiring me to get off my a** and actually be creative.....