Friday, July 17, 2009

Have your cake and eat it too..

As I sit here at home, thousands of miles and a different time zone from my husband I'm forced to self contemplate (gasp) which sometimes can be a scary thing!

As I watched one of my favorite movies, Marie Antoinette, I was reminded of how delicious life could be.

If you hadn't already grasped it, I'm a romantic soul.. I think as Women and especially as Mothers, we over look ourselves, with the excuse that its for the benefit of others.But think, is a tired, haggard, cranky or even dare I say it--bitchy you, a beneficial one?
Sometimes and often we need to create for ourselves an occasion for some "me time". Release your guilt, and allow your self love to wash over you. You work hard and you deserve it. I hate to break it to you, but no one else is going to do it for you (Sorry, better to realise that now!). Hubby is not going to sweep in with flowers, take the kids to the zoo, bring in a maid and send you to the spa, no matter HOW MANY tips you drop (trust me, I've tried!).So, that in mind...
What are some ways to indulge yourself?Sure you can spend a small fortune at a spa or resort, but if you get to know yourself you can treat yourself even daily (imagine!) without a lot of cost or concern.
Get out those journals, My Darlings!

Consider what gives you bliss---

*What is the most scrumptious thing you can think of?
Is it chocolate that melts on your tongue? A delicate fruit pastry? Warm apple pie? Smooth vanilla ice cream? Maybe its a good salad or shrimp cocktail?

*What scents smell the sweetest you?
Is it fresh flowers? Sweet Perfume? The smell of new babies or puppy kisses?

*What delights your sense of touch?
Soft furs? Silk? Satin? A bed of green grass? Or a warm bubble bath?

*What makes you feel the most beautiful?
Being drenched in lace? Pearls? Or Better yet being nude? What about a workout class? A long, peaceful nap? A swim?

Consider for a moment how these small indulgences make you a more peaceful, happy and loving person, then figure out how to work more into your life.

Do what needs to be done to treat yourself: pencil it in, take time off and enjoy.

We have one life, we can make it whatever we choose. I choose to make mine beautiful, and decadent. How about you?

Comment below some ways that YOU take care of YOU. I'll randomly pick a comment to win a self-indulgent little treat!

Wishes of happiness and self love!



  1. Oh there are a lot of things that I do to take care of me! I love surrounding myself with things I love. I have a husband and two sons and they don't really care what the house looks like or what they eat as long as they get fed so I decorate and cook the things I love. A compliment from the boys is just icing! One thing that is totally unnecessary though - I buy fresh flowers at the farmer's market every week and fill a beautiful crystal vase on my kitchen table.

    (PS - visiting your blog from swap-bot - don't you just love it?!?)

  2. You have a sweet blog! Cute kid too!

    Remember- keep your head up :O)