Friday, November 27, 2009

I can be grateful for the hard times...

How do we determine success in life? Is it health? happiness? money in the bank? a full fridge? a furnished apartment?
Sometimes life is like a glass jar of marbles. One slip and the jar is broken, pieces and marbles scattered everywhere. It seems like once you grab for one marble, another one rolls away.
Thats how our life has been these 3 months. Everything right out of grasp.. one piece of glass in the foot after another.
Its funny because this is a place people save up to come to. This is someones idea of paradise and yet it is my corner of hell.
I think sometimes we have to rethink things, and this is the time.
Sometimes we have to have gratitude for the tiny shards of glass we were able to pick up, unscathed.
Sometimes the tough times are able to make us see more clearly, so we must show gratitude.
Sometimes the tough times make us come closer, so we must show gratitude.
I think we must be just as grateful for hell as we are for heaven, for pain as we are for bliss.
Because one day, it will be better, easier, happier and then we can look back and realise how blessed we are and always have been.
That if we made it through this, then somehow, we can make it through anything.
I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and love as mine was.

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