Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting into the holiday spirit!

I don't know what it is about December and Christmas, but the mere thought and my heart gets all snuggly.

I ADORE traditions. Seeing how we are in the process of creating our "own" holidays for our newly formed little family, I love reading about other peoples take on the subject.

Ours are pretty simply still, and not even our own. Christmas Eve at Jade's Grandma's house where we do a gift exchange and play board games. Christmas morning at his parents house, where we cover the floor in crumpled paper from unwrapping the piles of gifts, stockings pillaged first of course. Then the rest of the day is spent lounging, or a movie sneaked in. Then we pile into the car shoved full with stuff and make the trek home to unpack.
Will this year be the same? I can't say. I'd like to make Christmas more about family and love and less about gifts and presents, but it seems an uphill battle. I will tell you, me and Mrs. Bea are doing a handmade holiday so maybe that will combat the materialism a bit.
One thing I'm looking forward to this year is an introduction to the big guy in red. Thats right, Santa. Jadyn is of the age to start believing in magic and I'm so excited to be able to journey with him! I loved Santa, we're still close.
I'm still not quite sure how we'll include some hawaii into our christmas yet, but since its part of our history and in my sons name, we'll do it somehow!

Why don't i give you an idea of how christmas is here in Hawaii?

Mele Kalikimaka is the way to say Merry Christmas. Santa is dressed in his 'aloha' best, with sandals and hawaiian print shirt! You can find him strumming a ukelele or having a cocktail, or dancing with the Mrs.. Carols are played on the ukelele and Santa arrives via canoe, not on a reindeer drawn sleigh. Instead of a fireplace, try a bonfire on the beach, substitute roasted chestnuts for roasted pig.

***I also am learning of other celebrations around Christmas, I even learned of one i hadn't heard of before!

I'm involved in a swap for a "Lucia" gift. Here's what the host told me about it,
"In Sweden Lucia is if not as big as Christmas then rather big :). We eat gingerbread cookies, saffronbread and often give our kids a small gift."

Here's a blog about the holiday. Saffron bread, or Lucia rolls, sound YUMMY.

***Another tradition I love and am getting itchy to make myself, is an advent calendar.
Craft Apple blog has a good little pdf for the numbers to make your own!
Also, she has a link to an advent calendar sew along! I may be joining them soon!

If you aren't so crafty, Elsie has a diy kit you can purchase as well! All pieces included!

****I'm wondering if Jadyn is too little to try one of these?

Blonde Designs blog has it all worked out and a cute PDF to cover your frosting cans. So thoughtful!

Here's a great idea at Family Fun, AND a use for one of those cardboard six pack boxes i have in my recycling! SCORE!

What traditions do you have that you might be willing to share? Will you try something new this year?
I'll pick a comment at random to recieve their very own hawaiian ornament! :o)

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  1. Hello! (found you from the Hip Mama's list :)

    OK- that family fun idea of how to use the six pack boxes rocks! Thanks for passing it on! I can't wait to make ginger bread cottages.