Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recipe Challenge Sunday!

So at about 2am a few nights ago, Instead of sleeping, I had the idea to begin a challenge where we are given an ingredient that we must cook around! Recipes and Pictures to follow, whether it be a failure or a success!

It might help to get those creative juices flowing! I'd love for you to get in on the action too!

So the mystery ingredient for this week is....

ROLO'S!!! Chocolately outside, caramel goodness inside! What will we come up with?!?

And what good is a challenge with out a deadline?? Look for my creations or disasters next Sunday!!

I'd love to include yours too so comment with a link to your blog or let me know what you made and how it went!! If you use someone else's recipe, please be kind and share the link love!


UPDATE: Things don't always go as planned, and unfortunately, this was one of those things! I did make my recipe, pretzels with melted rolo's and it was DELISH!


  1. Hi Jeannie- I'm in!
    *puts thinking cap on*
    I've given you a blog shouty! :)
    Had fun chatting with ya last night!

  2. Hi Jeannie, thanks for inviting me! I would love to give this a try. Christmas is a little hectic for me, but I'll certainly try to fit the Rolo challenge in. My hubby loves Rolos!