Sunday, April 25, 2010

100 truths, the journey begins...

I’ve decided to focus on look at me...inside out.....and remind myself of who I am...this way, I will be posting a reminder about myself... one each day, for the next 100 days... sharing with you 100 simple truths about me. -Locus

In honor of the very relflective Locus, and my most recent emergence from my marriage, I'm going to follow in her footsteps and try to figure out who I am.

I used to know so clearly once upon a time. And I feel like I no longer know, maybe I can find my way back to that confident girl I used to know and love.

We'll start tomorrow. Are you ready for the truth? I'm not sure I even am :o)


  1. oh...I definitely am!
    (thanks for the honor of compelling you to start this journey...healing power - I believe that each one of us have the ability to heal ourselves, all you need to do is look at you. inside out =) )
    you're not alone!!

  2. I wish you well on your journey to re-discover the real you! The truth is out there!