Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the other side of the looking glass..

Nature, as in Mother Nature, has a way of taking ugly things, even things forced upon her, and making them beautiful. Look at the oyster and the pearl, or for an even better representation, look at Glass Beach in Northern California.

"From a distance one could think that Captain Hook spilled a chest of jeweled loot on the colorful, sparkling coast of Glass Beach, nestled in the rugged cliffs of the Northern California coast. Littered with amber, indigo, sea green, and ruby shards of glass and pottery worn smooth by the waves, Glass Beach is a kaleidoscope of color and a coastal rarity. Once a public trash dump, the area was closed in the late 1960s when the North Coast Water Quality Board realized that polluting the coast was harmful. Since then, Creation has reversed man's folly to an enchanting effect. Today Glass Beach is a little-known secret tucked away in the unassuming town of Fort Bragg. An occasional sea lion frolics in the waves, and in and around crystal-clear tidal pools of crab, starfish, mollusks and anemones, you will find a treasure trove of sea glass trinkets."

This was one of my favorite sites while visiting my sisters in Northern California, of course I didn't know it used to be a landfill until reading it in my Textbook for my Environmental Biology class.

This is what Nature does, takes garbage and makes it beautiful.

My relationship with my Husband of just about three years ended abruptly and violently yesterday. Leaving me with a shattered heart, a bunch of garbage, no car and my brave little boy who will never have to hear screaming again.

All I can hope is that Nature can do to me, what it did to "Glass Beach"; wash me clean, polish me and make me beautiful again, at least for my son.

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  1. Hello,

    I found your blog from the inside out eclass blog roll. It sounds like this must be a time of big change in your life. I hope some healing comes soon for you and your son.

    Wishing you peace along your journey.