Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Wishes.. For Easter..

I might have said before, Easter is one of my all time favorite holidays.. I'm so excited this year because Jadyn is finally old enough to get into it, and I know he'll just love it!

To kick off the season, a dear friend (Your the best Moran, we adore you guys!) allowed Jadyn to hold her bunnies. It was too much fun, this bunny he's with was just amazing! Jadyn picked her up, squished her, poked her in the eyes and mouth (for scientific purposes, of course {"Eyes, Mommy. Mouth."}) and jumped around her doing his best impersonation and not a peep. She just stood there lovingly. What was more, she actually seemed interested in him! She climbed up to smell him and even leaned forward to give him a kiss!!

Look at how beautiful Morans' daughter are!! Jadyn is so taken with her! I've never seen him bicker so! ;o)

And beautiful baby...

I was talking to Hubby and he was telling me of how easter was for him growing up. It was so nice to hear and to see the accompanying sparkle in his eyes.

"I remember we would search the house for ages looking for where the Easter Bunny had hid our baskets. Some times in the dryer, sometimes in a closet. I'm not sure when but after awhile the Easter bunny got tired of hiding the baskets, which was ok (By then I had been pretending for years for sake of my brother and my sister) but I did love hunting for them!"

This is so different from my own easter experiences.. For us, we just woke up and there was our basket like out of magic.. The eggs spread out all over the yard for us to scoop up and hunt out, then we'd do it again and again...

I think we will marry our Easter traditions.. I love the idea of hiding Jadyn's basket, but maybe this year with a trail of eggs or easter grass to the hiding spot (since he's so little) and we plan to go to Sedona for the egg hunt on Saturday and then over to the family on Sunday. I truly enjoy spending time with my inlaws, I'm so glad to be able to give Jadyn the gift of knowing them.

Of course, we (meaning I) made some baskets for the kids we know, and plan to "Egg" a few neighbors..

What was your easter at home like? What do you have planned for this year?


  1. thanks for sharing some wonderful moments with Jadyn. And your family stories. love you, Daphne :*)

  2. it was so great to have Jayden over. what beautiful pictures


  3. love hearing about Easter! Great pics, too.
    Your writing is fabulous!