Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've often heard how a home can be a big investment of not just money, but of time as well. As we've fixed one thing, we find 5 more problems. It is nice to know that they can be "fixed" and done with, but their ever presence is disheartening none the less.

One of the bane's of our existence is our heater. It's natural gas and a PAIN to light. When I say pain, I mean we are sitting in front of it for an hour with 15 matches, 3 lighters and chopsticks and usually we plan on someone losing some hair, most commonly eyebrows.

This combined with the fact that it is A) Natural Gas and B) Right outside of my sons room (across the house) makes me uneasy and distrustful of it. I was about to throw it out the window out of frustration, but after talking to my dad, it seems its the most economic and energy efficient way. UGH.

This is the thing that keeps us cozy and warms us up when coming from a chilly outside, I have to learn to trust and really, love it.
After seeing this commercial, and installing our new gas alarm, maybe I can relax a little..

It's nice to think of everything as so soft and cozy.. After all, isn't that what we think of when we think of home?

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