Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Angles" of Mao

Meet Mao.
Mao is the newest member of the family, technically she is a souvenir from Maui.
She was a patient and orphan of Maui Humane Society (where I worked).
Jadyn needed a buddy and Jade fell in love with her right away.
I loved her for a different reason. She had an abscess in her mouth that she was being treated for, and by treated I mean the Vet has her hand in Mao's mouth and was squeezing out the pus. Ew right? Well Mao didn't bite or claw or scratch. She sat patiently and waited.

From the moment she first came home she was Jadyn's buddy.

As of late she has discovered outside and so is often out exploring or some where taking a snooze!

Ah to be a cat!

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